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Many have tried to use self-reducing briquettes without designing a furnace for this process. Pyro metallurgy is extremely difficult to scale up compared to hydrometallurgy. The current blast furnace took centuries to get to the size it is now. 

NSGI Steel Inc has a new patent pending furnace design that takes the advantages of a blast furnace and self-reducing briquettes for faster reactions and less capital.  We believe we will be revolutionizing the way iron making is done as well as many ferro alloys covering Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Nickel, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chromium, etc to name a few. Maybe this leads to a new Stainless steel industry that can be sized for the niche needs of a region versus having to reach 800,000 metric tons at the melt shop to be viable.

We expect to unlock value in the nonferrous industry that has an iron problem coupled with energy challenges. We believe in solving both problems while developing viable by products.

We will continue to add Intellectual property covering all of these areas.

Why does NSGI think it is different from other novel technology developers? Because we took care of furnace details for scalability, maintainability and ease of operation. We did not try and fit a new process in an existing furnace which many processes have tried in the past with failure. 

Main advantages do not need oxygen, electricity, great flexibility on raw material size, able to use coal that most other processes cannot use.  This process is greener, less CO2 by 20 to 30%,more efficient, lower raw material costs and lower capex. 

Keep an eye on our activity as we work with industrial partners for our show case facility. Contact us if you are interested in additional information. Sharing will be limited to partners who are interested in working together other than general information.

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