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NSGI Steel Inc. has patented a revolutionary furnace for Iron Making. This technology allows the elimination of coking coal and pellets or sintering. It also allows flexibility to use fines, concentrates, tailings and gematite from acid regeneration processes among other iron unit sources. At least 30% less CO2 emissions is achieved.

In addition to our flag ship technology for Iron Making, we are working on a number of new patents covering Titanium Metal, TiO2 pigment, Nickel, high purity MgO, Rare Earths and Copper to name a few. One of the major challenges for the nonferrous industry is iron in the raw materials which we are unique in being able to address and create greener as well as  economical solutions.

We are currently working on strategic alliances for acid regeneration and conversion of iron units into value added products with energy by product being used for water balances, operating acid regeneration, cogeneration for electricity.

Should there be interest in our innovations or you have new challenges, which includes Coking coal/Metallurgical coal and agglomeration by pelletizing or sintering, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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