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About Us

NSGI Steel Inc. is an organization which is committed to developing  a global  "virgin iron business, based on its own, patented furnace design. NSGI Steel Inc. is also dedicated to solving the challenges of the Mining and Metals industries. It combines technology and innovation in unique ways with the help of its patents and process know how to help clients through the whole business cycle of discovery to production.

NSGI will bring its extensive knowledge of ore transformation to the evaluation of new and existing resources, for too long simplistic assessment of resource value has often ignored the high capital costs associated not just with excavation and beneficiation of ores but also the real cost of transforming the ores into market valued materials. As part of these value assessments NSGI will take into consideration energy requirements for transformation and the value potential of “waste” materials.

NSGI is focused on making processes greener and more profitable, by evaluating  waste streams and converting them, where economical, into usable byproducts. An example is turning iron rich tailing materials into pig iron from non-ferrous ore processing. In addition, by-product energy is used as a fuel or to generate electricity for processing other valuable metals e.g. copper, nickel, titanium and rare earths.

Our team: 

Enrico Di Cesare, President and CEO


Enrico has worked in 27 years in steel operations, operational consulting, equipment supply of complete steel plants and has performed projects at almost all the steel plants of North America, including Know How Transfer from one of the leading organizations for Research and Development, Financial Turn Around’s, Start up, Training and a lot of experience in the nonferrous industry. Experience covers iron mining, pelletizing, Iron Making, Steelmaking, casting, hot and cold rolling as well coatings. Has worked for North American and European companies with executive positions and executed projects internationally.

Ian J. Cox, VP Operations and Founder


Ian has worked in iron making for 42 years in various capacities covering equipment supply, revamps, operations and design of new processes. Has professional work experience in Europe, North and South America as an ironmaking operator, furnace designer and builder providing operational and design consulting services for traditional blast furnace operations, alternate ironmaking programs and steelmaking and non-ferrous processes. He has held senior management positions, including President, for multiple organizations specializing in the design, supply and construction of iron and steelmaking facilities and non-ferrous metallurgical processes

Fiorella Guarderas, Human Resources Manager and Board Secretary

Fiorella has 14 years experience in management, administration and Human Resources. She has a diverse professional background, which also includes project management, entrepreneurship, and residential property management. She holds a BA in Psychology and a certificate in Human Resources Management from McGill University. Presently, completing a six sigma green belt certificate.

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