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Completely recrystallized resource in its natural form measuring 3 km x 9 km.

Forestry roads are already built with power lines throughout the property.

This unique formation allows the recovery of:

  • Ilmenite of 48% or higher with more than 90% of the TiO2 

  • P2O5 that can be recovered without the traditional concentrating steps 

  • Apatite of over 41% P2O5  with more than 90% recovery

  • magnetite of over 65% total Fe (no TiO2 contamination)


  • Two ports for shipping resources

  • Roads to site Roads and deforestation of property already built and performed of a value of 2 million to the project

  • Power lines

  • Powered to less than 500 microns with crusher and easy to break up

  • Can be mined with a front loader without blasting

  • Unique recrystallized formation that allows recovery of 3 important products apatite, ilmenite and magnetite for a total recovery of 40% plus of the total mined mass

Recrystallized resource in Natural Form















The unique recrystallized formation allows the recovery of magnetite for iron making, ilmenite for use by the TiO2 pigment producers, and P2O5 which can be recovered without the traditional concentrating steps by reducing Ti and Fe to below 5%.


Significant resource measuring 3 km x 9 km



Apatite over 41%+ P2O5, very clean


Magnetite of over 65% +total Fe

 Ilmenite 48%+ TiO2, acceptable for chloride process 

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